I have been using this product for only two weeks and my acne has drastically improved. It brought all the nasty stuff out from under my skin and it has been clearer ever since. My makeup goes on better than it ever has and I can't wait to see more changes to my skin after using it for longer!



This buffer works wonders unclogging pores and making my skin look and feel amazing! Gentle enough to use every day which is awesome - I find exfoliators often make me feel like the skin is getting ripped off my face so this is a wonderful discovery with its soft bristles! Bonus - it's great at buffing old patchy fake tan off haha!



I’m loving my buffer! I was unsure how much cleaner it would make my skin feel, but it’s actually amazing how much softer and cleaner my skin feels after using it! Definitely gives a gentle deep cleanse. Gorgeous colours, easy to charge, easy to clean and dry and doesn’t take up much space in my bathroom. It’s a win!


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